In the war of Snapchat vs Instagram, wins


“Who’s going to win this war, I have no idea. But in the interim follow me on Instagram.” – Casey Neistat

YouTube stars are getting more views talking more about Instagram and than Snapchat, new research by Sponsokit has found.

The rise in views corresponds to Facebook owned Instagram cloning popular features of Snapchat, including its Stories feature.

But in terms of growth of YouTube views in the last three months, videos mentioning have shown the most rapid improvement.

Top social media apps mentioned by YouTubers

(March to May 2017)



YouTube views







387 Million

303 Million

298 Million





387 Million views +11%

303 Million views +77%



298 Million views -10%

Views of YouTube videos mentioning Snapchat plummeted 10 per cent in the last three months, while there were 11 per cent more views for videos about Instagram.

But after monitoring how YouTubers were discussing social media apps, Sponsokit found the big winner was lip syncing/homemade music video app which saw 77 per cent more views for videos mentioning the app over the same period.

Monthly views of YouTube videos about social apps

(June 2016 to May 2017)


Sponsokit’s data found YouTube stars are beginning to ditch talking about Snapchat for Instagram

The graph shows YouTube videos talking about Instagram had climbed to 140M monthly views in May, while those mentioning Snapchat had fallen to 83M.

But in March the two platforms were nearly equal in views of YouTube mentions with Instagram commanding 127M monthly views and Snapchat at 125M.

YouTube videos mentioning, on the other hand, have now collected 117M monthly views, compared to 87M in March.

YouTube celebrities talk Snapchat vs Instagram

Here’s just one example of how YouTube stars are talking about social apps.

The video titled “Instagram MURDERS Snapchat” has more than 2.5m views.

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